SunDAY, October 25 - Adventure Kids LEsson Guide

QPC Families

Dear QPC Families,

QPC Kids is now running in-person every other week! Please check out our QPC Kids Facebook page for our schedule and updates!  

QPC Kids will continue to run online every week for the those who are unable to join us in-person. On the weeks we don’t have QPC Kids Program running in-person we’d love for families to still join our QPC service. Just bring a device and some headphones and we’ll provide the wifi so your little can watch the lesson during the sermon! 

VIDEO LESSON: "40 Days of Prayer - #4"

Please note all the videos contain the same message / bible story but are presented in a more age appropriate way. Please pick which ever one you feel would be best for your gang!

Early Childhood - Pre-K – Grade 1

Elementary - Grade 2 +