"Voltage is a force or potential difference between two places"

Voltage Youth are a group of students who are growing together in our authentic faith in Jesus. 

If you are in grade 9-12 we are excited to meet you and hope that you plan a visit on a

Thursday night from 7pm-9pm at Queensway Church.

Whether you plan on visiting Voltage once or coming every week, you will need to register.

Having registration information helps our team stay connected to students and parents. It's also necessary this year for Covid tracing as we take every precaution to keep people safe. 

What We're Like

We plan games nights, house parties, Lock Ins(Aka:all nighters), weekend retreats, movie nights and camping trips. We like to grow together through our leadership training team and band. We like being together especially when there's food. We like to play games where we have to "run for our lives" in the dark. We like burning big boxes at campfires and singing weird songs. We love Jesus and sharing our faith because our lives have been for the better and we want others to know the same love and hope that we do.

Youth Nights

  • Friday Sept 10 @ 7PM North Edge Church

    On Friday September 10th, we have a special FIELD TRIP for the BGEA FM 419 - Discipleship Training Event in Sudbury, provided by the Billy Graham association. The cool thing is that it's completely FREE, and we want as many of our STOMP and VOLTAGE students to go to this evening as possible. We will be providing transportation via. bus and I would love to see all of your youth with us along for the ride!

    I know it's at a bit of an odd time on Friday. So please let me know by responding to this email or at my church email for any questions you may have, at: mark@qpcespanola.com 

    Quick Details:

    • Do not worry about RSVP'ing, that's already been finished
    • Permission slips are in the link below!
    • Load up and departure will be for 5:45-6pm and ideally leave short after
    • Arrive for 7pm @ North Edge Church (264 Levesque Street, Sudbury ON)
    • We will be arriving home around 10 to 10:30pm

    If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email me at the email above! I'm looking forward to what's coming soon!! See you all soon!

  • Voltage Launch Thursday Sept 23rd: In Person

    Games / Worship / Word / Small groups

Connect with the Lead Team for QPC Student Ministries

Our team of volunteer adult leaders are passionate about Jesus and are naturals at modelling a Christ-like lifestyle. 

Get connected with the Lead Team at: